18  ·  Survey Results:  Survey Questions and Responses
Please note that this survey does not pertain to the assessment of library programs or any other type of assessment intended to
measure the value of libraries and/or personnel.
1. Does your library or any unit of your library provide services to researchers that relate to scholarly
output assessment, such as reports, resource guides, consultation, education, etc.? N=79
Yes 76 96%
Not yet, but we are considering developing services 2 3%
No, but another unit in the institution does 1 1%
Not yet, but such services are in development 0
No, and the library has no plans to provide such services 0
2. Please indicate which services your library currently provides or is developing and which are
provided by another unit in your institution. Check all that apply. N=78
Services Library currently
Library is
Another unit
Consultation or guidance on bibliometric
measures such as the h-index, journal impact
factor scores, etc.
70 3 2 73
Consultation or guidance on article-level metrics
other than traditional citations
60 7 2 67
Consultation or guidance on author name issues 57 11 2 66
Consultation or guidance on databases to use for
capturing or tracking scholarly outputs
60 3 3 63
Reports based on usage of scholarly works in an
institutional repository
46 15 1 61
Publication reports (e.g., publication/citation
reports, h-index reports, etc.)
48 6 6 56
Graphs, charts, infographics, or social network
20 6 7 31
Blogs maintained by the library 22 1 6 28
Other service 11 4 3 15
Total Respondents 76 33 19 78
If you selected “Other service/Library currently provides” above, please briefly describe the service.
Altmetrics reporting service
Apart from our institutional repository statistical reports, available to anyone with an item in our repository, we can
work with faculty to provide services on request.
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