SPEC Kit 346: Scholarly Output Assessment Activities  · 141
Sample Individual Report
Robert W. Woodruff Library April 23, 2013
Disclaimer: This report only includes journal articles covered by Web of Science (Science Citation Index
Expanded, 1900-present; Social Science Citation Index, 1900-present). For more information, see
Person A, Person C. (2008). Nunc consequat neque ut libero tincidunt ut rhoncus eros pretium.
Journal of Etiam Pharetra, 14: 1-13. Times cited: 26
Top publications ranked by journal impact factor:
Person A, Person B, Person C. (2006). Proin sit amet lacus id nulla tempor commodo. Journal of
Lorem Ipsum, 49: 485-498. 2011 Journal Impact Factor: 15.65
Person B, Person D, Person A. (2012). Ut blandit turpis et ipsum blandit bibendum. Journal of
Suspendisse Ullamcorper, 21: 23-30. 2011 Journal Impact Factor: 10.31
Person A, Person C. (2009). Curabitur elementum mauris sit amet est rhoncus id interdum lorem
pellentesque. Journal of Vestibulum, 13: 659-667. 2011 Journal Impact Factor: 9.80
Editorial positions:
Journal of Mauris Dictum, 2011 Journal Impact Factor: 4.21, Section Editor.
Journal of Luctus Bibendum, 2011 Journal Impact Factor: 3.56, Reviewing Editor.
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