SPEC Kit 346: Scholarly Output Assessment Activities  · 79
How to Determine Your Scholarly Impact
aeb 12-9-14
H-Index: Creating a ResearcherID Account
1. Go to http://www.researcherid.com/Home.action and create a free account on the left-hand side. You
will enter your email address, receive an email with a link, and then enter the rest of your information.
2. Once you have created your profile, you can edit it to add more information and determine what
information will be visible to members of the public.
3. To add publications to your account, click on Add Publications.
4. The two easiest options under Add Publications are Search Web of Science, and Search Web of Science
Distinct Author Sets.
a. If the author has a unique name, Search Web of Science should work fine. The name should be
pre-entered. Add a middle initial if there is one. If you are unsure if the middle initial is used,
enter the first initial followed by a * (e.g., J*).
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