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Profile system for campus in 2015. The library has LibGuides and web pages that recommend the use of resources such
as ImpactStory, Scopus, and Web of Science.
Office of Research Services and Support paid for a one-time report from SciVal in 2014.
Some of these are in use by other units (like institutional research or the provost office) so are not recommended by the
library per-se, but are available at the institution more generally.
7. Does your library share the cost of any of these software/resources with another unit in your
institution? N=75
Yes 29 39%
No 46 61%
If yes, please specify the unit(s) that shares the cost with your library. N=29
Academic Analytics N=11
1–2 library staff can access but 100% of cost paid for by our Office of Institutional Analysis.
Campus Office of Institutional Research pays for this.
Full cost covered by another campus unit. Library does not control access, fund, or recommend this service.
Institutional Research
Office of Provost has AA subscription. Library has no access to this tool.
Our institutional research office pays for Academic Analytics.
Provost (2 responses)
The Office of Institutional Research and Academic Planning supports 100%.
This is service is purchased exclusively by campus administration and only available for their use.
University licensed the software at the top level of the university.
Altmetric.com N=1
Provost Office
Essential Science Indicators N=1
Paid for by library.
Harvard Profiles N=1
School of Medicine subscribes; Library does not yet have access.
ImpactStory N=1
Authors cover costs for their own profiles.
InCites N=4
Faculty of Medicine, Office of Institutional Research
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