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Alternative publishing outlets: stay up-to-date on emerging
and alternative publishing models like open access journals,
e-books, open educational resources, and more.
Understanding copyright and author's rights: legislation
regarding federally funded research, public access mandates,
and data sharing requirements.
Questions about Scholarly Communication
issues? Give me a try!
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University Libraries Transforming Scholarly Communication & Publishing
Gobbledygook (Public
Library of Science,
Martin Fenner)
Dr. Fenner has for many
years worked as medical
doctor and cancer
researcher at the Hannover
Medical School Cancer
Center in Germany.
The Scholarly Kitchen
(Society for Scholarly
Tag line is “What's Hot &
What's Cooking in Scholarly
Communications”. Generally
provides a more
conservative or publisher-
flavored viewpoint.
Peter Suber (SPARC)
One of the most followed
open access
advocate/educator holding
many concurrent positions
including the Director of the
Harvard Open Access
Project and Senior
Researcher at SPARC.
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