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Internal statistics from DSpace
Minimal. We can get download reports. We are working on increasing capacity.
Our IR captures the number of page views and downloads for deposited files—both for individual files that one has
deposited and for the total of files one has deposited.
Our IR platform, Digital Commons, provides usage and download statistics at the object, community, and
repository level.
Our library uses the bepress IR platform, which has built-in download reports that are sent to authors. The Altmetrics
API is also integrated into our IR system.
Plum Analytics
Plum Analytics is integrated in our institutional repository. The view/download counts from our IR will appear with the
Plum Analytics statistics in the future.
PlumX is linked to our IR. All publications in IR have PlumX metrics embedded. In addition, all university researchers can
request PlumX Profile (this is currently set up by library staff). We are developing mechanism by which end users will be
able to set their own PlumX profiles. Symplectic, when implemented, will streamline the process of collecting research
outputs of faculty thus providing us with more robust data sets for PlumX and other analytics (e.g., feed to SciVal or
InCites, etc.)
Reports for individual titles are available via http://www.escholarship.org/.
Several sources are integrated with Symplectic Elements and VIVO.
The IDEALS institutional repository provides simple metrics for each item on total number of downloads, downloads this
month, and downloads today.
The IR platform (DSpace) displays item-stats for views and downloads. An additional DSpace module provides deeper,
more customized reporting, and web visits are tracked through Google Analytics.
The IR software includes the ability to automatically output usage statistics.
There is an author dashboard for tracking downloads.
Top downloads, usage stats, RSS
Usage reports are a feature of the IR, and an altmetric badge is integrated into IR.
Usage statistics are automatically tracked and sent using the SobekCM Open Source Repository Software (www.
Usage statistics are provided to authors.
We currently provide download counts by item in our institutional repository.
We have a DSpace repository that allows us to track downloads and general usage statistics.
We license Digital Commons software, which provides monthly download reports to authors.
We use Google Analytics to assess the usage of repository content.
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