56 · SPEC Kit 302
“User logins are tracked only for the purpose of identifying users at a later date if a security breach is
“We only track log-ins for computers in one library’s info commons.”
33. Based on your assessment results, please rank the following items on a scale of 1 to 5 where 1 is
rarely an issue and 5 is a common issue for users of public computers. Select N/A if an item has
not been assessed. N=55
N Rarely an issue 2 3 4 A common issue N/A
Number of computers 55 7 7 9 13 17 2
Available software applications 55 10 13 17 9 4 2
Network speed 55 33 10 3 4 1 4
Wireless connectivity 54 12 16 11 6 3 6
Technical support availability 54 10 16 22 1 5
Total number of responses 61 40 38 39 25 21 6
Additional Comments on Assessment N=11
“Assessment is done by the university’s IT unit, but public computing is also included in our routine user
satisfaction surveys.”
“Individual units have conducted head-counts when requested by administrators during busier times. General
patron surveys have also included public computing-related issues and our feedback boxes often contain
related issues, such as appeals for more public computers.”
“Limited tech support is available evenings and week-ends.”
“Number and speed of printers also an issue number of printers and print release stations increased after
2006 survey wireless printing (PrinterOn) implemented in 2007.”
“Students often comment on the limited number of laptops available during high use time periods.”
“Technical support is not provided for applications not licensed by us which leads to issues for some users of
public computers.”
“The issue regarding number of computers available varies by unit in question.”
“The library was a LibQUAL+® participant in 2002 and 2006, and obtained assessment data on its computing
equipment through that process. (For example: local question on ‘Ready access to computers/Internet/
“These comments often refer to campus lab devices, not library devices.”
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