Managing Public Computing · 27
Please describe the other equipment and indicate how many pieces are supported. N=47
1 Flatbed scanner
1 Scanner
4 Scanners
4 Projectors
4 Scanners
5 We do not have any OPAC only terminals.
5 1 flatbed scanner 4 microform reader/printers
5 Public scanners (supported by Catalyst) most student access to scanners is provided by general access computer
labs (also supported by Catalyst).
5 Scanners
5 Scanners
6 Scanners.
6 Microform digitizer/scanners, scanner
6 5 scanners 1 microfilm scanner
7 Microform Readers are supported by the library system. There are 6 Digital Film Viewers, and one old Minolta
MS 6000 film viewer. An aspect that might be unique to us is that the library does not maintain its own public
printing. Public printing is done by an outside vendor whose contract is negotiated through the Student
Computing Services—a unit outside the library system.
9 GoPrint debit printing PayStations, public use flatbed scanners. NOTE: OPAC-only are PCs, not dumb terminals.
10 Wireless scanners
10 Scanners
10 10 scanners, 5 assistive technology workstations, 4 video access monitors, and 4 presentation rooms
10 Servers, scanners, wireless routers
10 Scanners
11 GoPrint print cost recovery system, 11 PayStations
12 Flatbed Scanners
12 2 microfilm readers 10 flatbed scanner
13 Microfiche readers with attached printers
13 10 public accessible scanners 3 microform reader/printers (integrated with workstations)
15 Scanners, CD/ROM burners, microfiche scanners
19 Scanners We are in the process of re-configuring our public computing. These numbers will be accurate at the
start of our fall term.
19 7 CD +special 6 microfilm scanners 2 other scanners 4 group study
20 Image and book scanners, projectors, document cameras
20 20 public scanners 3 microform converters 2 film scanners 9 various DVD equipment. Some of this equipment is
provided by University IT for our 2 collaborative lab spaces.
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