46 · SPEC Kit 302
“Public Services Division.”
“Public Services management staff.”
“Public services with consultation of Information Technology.”
“Public services, reference, and IT professional staff.”
“Reference staff.”
“Reference, Instruction &Outreach Group (RIO), composed of the library’s public services departments.”
“The Computing Center.”
“The library-wide Public Services Executive Committee (PSEC), with input from the library-wide Public Services/
Public Computing Advisory Committee (PCAC).”
“The Public Services Access Council.”
“The University IT Department.”
“The university’s central IT department.”
“The university’s Office of Information Technology (OIT).”
“These are a combination of university and Information Technology Services (ITS) policies. The latter are
developed through a university group that includes participation from faculty and staff in campus units outside
of Information Technology.”
“University CIO and Institutional IT Policy Committee.”
“University Committee on Information Systems &Technology (UCIST).”
“University computing office.”
“University Computing Services.”
“University Information Systems &Services (ISS) department, The Library Administrative Group, and Public
Services Staff.”
“University IT department.”
“University of California Office of the President.”
“University Security Committee.”
“University Technology Services.”
“Vice President for Information Technology.”
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