Managing Public Computing · 39
“State auction of surplus equipment.”
“State law requires us to surplus equipment.”
“Surplused to other units in need.”
“Surplused to main campus computing department.”
“Surplussed to other departments.”
“Transferred ownership to other campus units.”
“University surplus program.”
User Technical Support
19. Which public computing staff is responsible for answering users technical questions about
library public computers? Check all that apply. N=62
Professional staff in library IT unit 41 66%
Librarians in units other than IT 41 66%
Support staff in library IT unit 36 58%
Support staff in units other than IT 32 52%
Student employees in units other than IT 27 44%
Student employees in library IT unit 24 39%
Other 8 13%
Please describe which other staff has this responsibility.
“Computing Center staff and students.”
“Most staff at all public services desks answer ‘basic’ technical support questions.”
“Professional staff in units other than IT.”
“Publications Services Staff answer some questions about networked printing.”
“Support staff from university IT working collaboratively in two labs in the library.”
“These answers depend on the type of technical question being asked.”
“User support for public computers is generally provided in departments/areas where public workstations are
located rather than by staff in the Systems Department which provides technical support of the workstations.”
“Usually, circulation or reference desk staff.”
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