22 · SPEC Kit 302
Librarians Support
1 Engineering Library.
5 21 Gateway Services, Scholarly Resources.
General Information Services provides lab assistants, who do not support
the computers, but answer technical/software related questions asked by
19 General Reference and Readers’ Services staffs.
4 8 1 Imaging Services provides public printing and copying from the computers.
3 5 Learning Commons, Research and Information Services, Digital Media
Laboratory, Branch libraries.
3 Medical Center Library IT staff, one person. College of Law IT provides
support for that college including the Law Library. Library AV department
maintains 40 laptop computers that circulate to students. Agriculture
Library provides a staff member for computer support. Student Computing
Services runs computer labs on campus too, one of these is in the main
library and supports 88 computers not included in my computer counts.
11 12 Onsite Services.
1 Printers in library public clusters are maintained by our Central IT
1 14 18 Public service units: reference, circulation, Scholar’s Lab, 11 branch
15 4 6 Public services staff (Reference) and Access services staff (Circulation).
11 31 Public Services, Academic Computing.
1 Reference.
10 2 3 Reference.
3 Reference and Instruction Division.
23 17 33 Reference, Access Services, Special Collections, Engineering Library,
Heath Sciences Library, Journalism Library, Math Library, Geology Library,
Veterinary Medicine Library.
3 Reference, Undergraduate Library.
2 2 Regional campuses.
1 1 Research Services.
1 Sinclair Library (formerly Undergraduate library), Science/Technology
Reference, Special Collections, Access Services.
Staff in the campus Information Systems &Technology Department provide
support for wireless and network connectivity.
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