Managing Public Computing · 25
Title of the individual Library department/unit Reports to
Analyst Programmer 2 Technology Team Chief Technology Officer
Information and Computer Services
Onsite Services Coordinator of Onsite Services
Public Workstation Coordinator ITS Support Services Team Leader
Department Head Library Systems Support Department Assistant Director for Library
Computing Systems
Sr. Manager, IT -Head, Information
Systems Support
Information Systems Support Director of Administrative Services
Public Services Technical Coordinator Systems Head, Systems Department
Assistant in Technology and Research Systems Associate Director for Technology
and Research
Head, Network Operations and
Computer Support
Systems Assistant University Librarian for
Manager, Systems Support Library Information Technology Services Associate Chief Librarian, Information
Technology Services
Head Desktop Network Services Assistant University Librarian for
Information Technology
Systems administrator Main library Director of Libraries
Manager of Library IT Workstation &
Network Support
Library IT Associate University Librarian for
Information Technology Planning &
Information Technology Officer Information Technology Division Dean of the Library
LAN Administrator III Research Services Digital Services Librarian
Digital Technology Development
Library &Learning Technologies Associate University Librarian (Library
&Learning Technologies)
Manager, Technical Support and
Networked services
Libraries Electronic Technology &
Associate Director Information
Services &Systems
Coordinator Library Systems and Web
Library Systems and Web Management Director of Libraries
Head of Desktop Support Services Library Information Technology Associate University Librarian for
Library Information Technology
Head, Library Technology Services Library Technology Services Director of Libraries
Computer Specialist Computing Operations &Research
Services (CORS)
Director, CORS
Manager, Desktop and Networking Unit Library Systems Head, Library Systems
Associate Department Head Information Technology Head, Information Technology
Coordinator, Desktop and Lab Services Information Technology Division Assistant University Librarian for
Information Technology
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