Managing Public Computing · 47
26. How often is the policy reviewed for updates/revisions? N=51
As needed 32 63%
Unknown 9 18%
Annually 7 14%
Once each semester/2x per year 2 4%
Still an interim policy 1 2%
Public Computing Budget
27. Has the library budget for public computing increased, decreased, or stayed the same since FY
2005? N=60
Stayed the Same
Hardware 60 27 11 22
Software 60 24 5 31
Staffing 59 19 8 32
Selected Comments from Respondents
“Budget is allocated each year, dependent on overall library budget.”
“Extra staff paid for with FEMA disaster funds, so not an increase to library’s ‘real budget.’”
“Hardware needs increased because of Microsoft Vista.”
“Library expenditures have been reduced because more equipment is now purchased through the campus
technology fee process. Students pay a technology fee which goes into a central fund at the campus level.
Each year the library, along with other departments on campus, submit proposals for a portion of this money
to be used for purchasing student-use technology (mostly computers, but can also be software, cameras, and
so on).”
“Major university allocation for public computing in FY 2006, enabling replacement of approximately 65
percent of all public workstations and approximately 30 percent of monitors. With the lowest-end workstations
replaced, this represents a major upgrade in public computing. A laptop pilot program was financed from
endowment funds in FY 2007. In FYs 2007 through 2009, a university allotment will support replacement of
additional public workstation monitors and the purchase of laptop computers for public checkout. Staffing:
Loss of one Systems Librarian position in FY 2006. (Unit head retired, position filled through transfer.)”
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