54 · SPEC Kit 302
Biggest Security Concern Additional Comments on Security.
Users utilizing our equipment in attempts to hack into other
Our computers are protected by DeepFreeze. They are also
configured to automatically reboot when every user logs
off (or after a set idle time). Both of these help ensure
that any changes made to the systems, or any personal
information left by users, are wiped out between each
Using the computers for illegal activities.
Viruses and Spyware.
Viruses, bots, other malware programs.
Viruses, illegal file sharing. Privacy control (delete history/documents after logoff).
We are changing to authentication for public workstations
in the Fall. Visitors who don’t already have au logon will
be given their own logon specific to public computers in
the library.
Public Computing Assessment
31. Has your library assessed users’ satisfaction with public computing hardware, software, and/or
technical support? N=59
Yes 35 59%
No 18 31%
No, but planning for user satisfaction assessment is under way 6 10%
If yes, what aspects were assessed? Check all that apply. N=35
Hardware 28 80%
Software 27 77%
Technical support 18 51%
Other 10 29%
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