Managing Public Computing · 33
13. If imaging software is used to maintain hard disk images, what system/software is used? Check
all that apply. N=57
Ghost 45 79%
DeepFreeze 27 47%
Mac OS X Server 10 18%
PCR-Dist 1 2%
Other 16 28%
Please describe the other imaging software.
Altiris (4 responses)
Novell ZenWorks (3)
Apple Remote Desktop (2)
Carbon Copy Cloner
Centurion’s Cornerstone
PowerQuest Image Center
Proquest Drive Image Pro
Remote Installation Services
Windows PE WAIL Tools
Windows Sys Prop
14. If metering software is used to control the number of simultaneous users of some licensed
software, what software is used? Check all that apply. N=22
Keyserve 13 59%
NetSupport 1 5%
Other 9 41%
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