Managing Public Computing · 55
Please specify the other aspect that was assessed.
“2006 in-house User Satisfaction Survey: ‘Computer Workstations’ and ‘Printers.’ 2007 LibQUAL+® Survey:
‘Ready access to computers/internet/software.’”
“LibQUAL+® perceived levels of service quality expected and received from library employees.”
“Licensed resources.”
“Overall usability.”
“Service quality assessment surveys including LibQUAL+® and staff Quality Council.”
“User satisfaction with public computer services.”
“User spaces.”
“Via LibQUAL+®.”
32. Does your library track the use of public computers? N=59
Yes 27 46%
No 25 42%
No, but planning for usage tracking is under way 7 12%
If yes, what method is used to track usage of public computers? Check all that apply. N=27
Track user log-ins 17 63%
Track desktop activity via software, scripting, etc. 9 33%
Make physical head counts of users 5 19%
Extrapolate from library entrance counts 0
Other, please describe 6 22%
“A network-based count of public laptop connections to the wireless network.”
“Catalyst tracks total number of logins and number of unique logins in each library location by quarter.”
“LANDesk reports, OPAC reports of computer checkout.”
“Number of pages visited through library Web site number of databases accessed and how often.”
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