Managing Public Computing · 37
Please describe the other software upgrade frequency.
“As needed.” (3 responses)
“As needed for security reasons, otherwise over breaks, recess, summer.”
“As required by various factors usage, hardware, funding.”
“Before term (if) new software or upgrade image is required.”
“Both Libraries ITS and Catalyst rely on staff input to determine upgrades. Because Catalyst funding is from an
annual call for proposals from the student technology fees, upgrades never occur more than yearly.”
“Combination of new versions appearing, request of faculty, primarily librarians.”
“Combination of staff/student/faculty request and periodic check/notification of new software.”
“Combination of when new versions appear and upon request mostly from faculty, sometimes from students
who need specific functionality for online classes.”
“Depends upon many factors when new versions are available, if patrons or faculty request, if licenses
expire, how it falls into professional staff workload, how it coincides with breaks.”
“Evaluated quarterly and updated when necessary.”
“It depends on nature of issue, but at least once a year.”
“Once a year, although may change as needed per selected faculty requests.”
“Several apply, including new versions, upon request of students and/or faculty.”
“Upon request of staff.”
“Usually on request from librarians, faculty or students it depends.”
“Varies depending on the need and location.”
“When a critical mass of new versions appear; when new applications are identified; depending on need for
specific application.”
“When new versions appear and on request of students and faculty.”
18. What happens to retired equipment? Check all that apply. N=62
Discarded to recycling 35 57%
Used for parts for existing computers 32 52%
Used for staff computing 17 27%
Sold to students/public 14 23%
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