28 · SPEC Kit 302
20 Audio-visual equipment (projectors, plasma screens, DVD players, VCRs, other A/V management equipment)
25 Note -The campus Office of Information Technology provides support for ninety desktop computers, fifty-four
loaner laptops, seven printers, and the twenty-five pieces of “other equipment.” This equipment is all located
in the Information Commons. Library IT provides support for five OPAC terminals, one-hundred ninety desktop
computers, eleven loaner laptops, and twenty-four printers. The “other equipment’ is as follows: 6 headphones 5
USB zip drives 5 USB floppy drives 5 optical mice 1 trackball mouse 3 USB scanners
25 Photocopiers
26 7 portable hard drives 6 scanners 4 editing video decks 3 multi-format monitors 2 multi-format VCR players 4
multi-format DVD players
26 12 patron print system printing stations 10 scanners 3 microfilm scanning stations 1 flatbed map scanner
27 2 scanning stations 2 microform readers attached to networked computers 7 electronic text center computers 3
special language computers 1 disability station 12 creativity lab computers
35 Scanners, video editing equipment, etc.
43 7 self-service checkouts 12 networked photocopiers 12 staff PDAs 12 LCD projectors
50 26 scanners 12 digital microform readers 1 video conference unit 6 microfiche readers 5 plasma displays
65 Other equipment number reflects various types of scanning equipment, both staff and public use. The other
numbers reflect total hardware for public use, staff use, and two teaching labs. Public use only numbers are 325
public computers, 20 public loaner laptops, and 31 public printers.
92 40 digital copiers 40 Omega terminals 12 Kiosk Guest Printing System
112 110 desktop computers in library instruction rooms 2 public access scanners. NOTE: An additional 67 public
desktop computers will be deployed for Fall Quarter 2007.
113 10 scanners 80 light pens 15 microfiche reader/printers 7 servers 1 plotter
150 MP3 players, video cameras, cameras, scanners (15), A/V production stations, 41 digital cameras, 34 digital
camcorders, 60 audio/visual devices
160 Barcode scanners and flatbed scanners
400 400 SunRay appliances and 5 servers
UA Other equipment number is unavailable. Includes card readers for public pay-for-print system, network switches,
network media converters, wireless network antennas.
7. Does public computing staff support equipment in just one library building or in multiple
buildings? N=62
Multiple buildings 61 98%
One library building only 1 2%
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