Managing Public Computing · 31
Weekends only 0
Other 3 5%
Please describe the other software updating frequency.
“Updates are scheduled to run automatically, but frequently some workstations miss the update or don’t
update correctly and have to be updated manually.”
11. What procedure does public computing staff use to make changes to the software on public
computers? N=63
Push software changes from a server 36 57%
Touch each computer with a fixed image 11 17%
Touch each computer with a list of changes 3 5%
Other 13 21%
Please describe the other procedure.
“All of the above.” (2 responses)
“Either push software from server or touch each computer with a fixed images, depending on the application.”
“Ghost image for major changes push software for minor changes.”
“Ghosting &local installs.”
“Libraries ITS touches each computer with fixed image Catalyst pushes changes from server.”
“Mixture of PUSH and TOUCH.”
“OS and virus updates are pushed from a server, all other software changes are done by touching each
computer with either a fixed image or a list of changes depending on the scenario and changes being made.”
“Push changes from SUS server for Windows &anti-virus updates Touch each computer with fixed image for
other software updates.”
“Some applications can be pushed while others need to be touched.”
“Touch once per year with image changes and push out updates as needed.”
“We use a combination of all three depending the type of update.”
“Windows Auto Update.”
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