26 · SPEC Kit 302
Title of the individual Library department/unit Reports to
Director, Library Systems Systems Dean of Libraries
ITC (Information Technology Center)
Coordinator &Assistant Director
Library Systems ITC Coordinator reports to Assistant
Director Assistant Director reports to
Systems Analyst ULS-Information Systems Systems Analyst
Unit Computing Manager Technical and Automated Services/
Systems Department
Head of Systems Department
Head, Library Systems Department Library Systems Assistant Director, Division of Library
Systems and Technical Services
Head, IT Services IT Services Department Associate University Librarian, Digital
Library Programs &Services
Senior Operating Systems Specialist Digital Library Systems Associate Director for Digital
Head of Library Systems Library Systems Department Dean of Libraries
Head, Library Systems Library Systems Assistant Dean for Public Services
and Outreach
IT Manager Library Computing Library Computing Director
Manager, Library Information Technology
Library Information Technology Services Associate University Librarian
(Planning &Services)
Manager of Workstation Infrastructure Integrated Library Technology Services Manager of Web, Workstation &
Digital Consulting Services
Chief Technology Officer Systems Department Deputy Director
Manager of Library Network Support Director’s Office Systems Department Acting VP for Libraries
Public Computing Workload
6. Please indicate how many pieces of equipment the public computing staff is responsible for
supporting. Enter a whole number. N=62
Type of Equipment N Minimum Maximum Mean Median Std Dev Pieces
Desktop computers 61 40 1600 328.51 267.0 243.11 20,039
Printers 56 1 350 33.89 14.0 57.66 1,864
Loaner laptops 42 2 202 45.69 30.0 52.08 1,919
OPAC only terminals 27 5 200 36.55 18.0 49.09 987
Other equipment 48 1 400 35.78 12.5 66.65 1,646
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