Managing Public Computing · 45
“Campus IT and legal counsel.”
“Central campus computing services.”
“Central IT.”
“Central IT.”
“CIO, Campus ITS Department.”
“Developed by university-wide committee and adopted through university governance.”
“Director, Library Systems, in consultation with library administration and library department heads.”
“Done by committee with ITS taking the lead.”
“For PCs managed by the Libraries, the policy is developed by stakeholders and approved by the Dean’s
Cabinet For PCs managed by Catalyst Client Services, they rely on institution-wide computer use policies.”
“Information Technology Department develops policy but University Board of Trustees has to approve it.”
“Institutional IT group.”
“IT Department and staff in public services.”
“IT manager in conjunction with senior management group.”
“Library Administration.”
“Library administration in consultation with IT unit and public service librarians.”
“Library Administration, IT Department.”
“Library Computing Director.”
“Library director council.”
“Library Information Technology.”
“Library IT staff in consultation with public services staff.”
“Library management.”
“Manager of IT Security for the campus.”
“Members of the Library ITS Support Services Team.”
“Office of Library IT.”
“Public Computing Working Group advisory group that assists in suggesting public computing changes,
“Public Services.”
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