50 · SPEC Kit 302
“Catalyst PCs are authenticated and allow student to install any type of software. When they log out Deep
Freeze returns the image to its original state. PCs managed by Libraries ITS are unauthenticated and tightly
locked down, and no installation of software of any kind is allowed.”
“On multimedia machines and laptops for checkout, legal downloads are permitted, which are erased after
the user logs out.”
“Once the computer is rebooted, it is reset to the original state.”
“Selected public workstations require a campus login and password in order to load software when using a
DVD, CD, or USB drive.”
“Separate partition is available for users to write to.”
“The library has two computers used for patron loaded software. One of the computers is connected to the
“Users can install software on check-out laptops.”
“Users can install software, which is then deleted nightly when workstations are re-imaged. Campus
acceptable use policy requires users to have licensed copies of software.”
“Various, this activity is not monitored.”
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