42 · SPEC Kit 302
21. How do users most commonly alert library staff about public computing problems? N=62
In person at Reference desk 32 52%
In person at Circulation desk 8 13%
In person at tech help desk 4 7%
Via e-mail to staff 6 10%
Via online bulletin board 0
Via physical bulletin board 0
Other 12 19%
Please describe the other options.
“At closest public services desk.”
“At the nearest public service desk whether it is Reference, Circulation, a branch library, or the Information
“At the Reference Desk AND at the Circulation Desk.”
“Combination of in person at reference desk, in person at circulation desk and via e-mail to tech staff support
“In person at any public services desk.”
“In person at our multiple service desks not limited to just one type or location.”
“In person at reference desk and at circulation desk.”
“In person at Reference desk, Circulation desk, and via e-mail to staff.”
“In person at the Information Desk.”
“Plan to offer chat/IM starting fall term.”
“Sometimes they tell us in person. Sometimes they go through the Web-based help application.”
“Three ways: in person at Reference desk in person at circulation desk, and via e-mail to staff.”
22. Does your library use a helpdesk ticket tracking software to assist in managing, addressing, and
reporting public computer problems? N=62
Yes 45 73%
No 17 27%
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