36 · SPEC Kit 302
“New equipment gets replaced roughly every 3 to 5 years.”
“No OPAC only terminals available. Printers as fund permit. Loaner laptops not available yet.”
“OPAC (Web only) terminals are replaced approximately every 5 years 2 to 4 new printers are purchased
approximately every 2 years and are placed in locations with the highest volume printing replaced printers are
then bumped to areas doing a lower volume of printing scanners are replaced as needed.”
“OPAC only terminals are repurposed staff and public computers.”
“Printer and scanners replaced when either obsolete or failure rate too high for good service. Often more than
5 years.”
“Printers and other equipment upgraded as needed.”
“Printers and photocopiers are replaced every 5 years.”
“Printers are replaced as needed.”
“Printers are replaced as needed. Monitors are replaced every four years.”
“Printers replaced when beyond repair often this is far more than 4 years.”
“Public hardware is replaced as funds become available.”
“Replacement schedules have been proposed but never funded.”
“Variable depends upon funding.”
“We do not have OPAC only terminals. Printers every year. Other equipment as needed or on demand.”
“We have been on a 3-year leasing schedule for about 10 years. Last year we began getting our computers on
a 4-year leasing schedule.”
“We purchase 5-year warranties, but try to replace sooner. Funding does not permit strict adherence to any
upgrade schedule.”
17. How frequently is software on public computers upgraded? N=61
Once a semester 19 31%
When new versions appear 15 25%
Once a year 6 10%
Upon request of faculty 1 1%
Upon request of students 0
Other 20 33%
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