Managing Public Computing · 175
Thomas, Chuck, and Robert H. McDonald. “Millennial Net Value(s): Disconnects Between Libraries
and the Information Age Mindset.” August 15, 2005. Florida State University D-Scholarship
Repository, Article #4.
Notable Innovations
Communicating Public Computing Info to Users
Blogs, Bulletin Board/Forums, RSS feeds
Case Western Reserve. KSL Tech Blog
Blog and RSS approach.
Also see “ITS News.”
University of California, Los Angeles. College Library Instructional Computing Commons
Includes technical bulletins via RSS.
North Carolina State University. Talk
Online bulletin board with RSS feed available.
Communication of Policies
University of Iowa. Library Public Computer and Print Management
A remarkably well-written explanation to users regarding why the library implemented desktop
University of South Carolina. Authentication Requirement for the Library’s Public Computers
Another example of a well-written explanation to users as to why the library chose to implement the
University of Virginia. “When I go to U.Va...”—The Responsible Computing Video
Unique campus-level policy communication that benefits the library and its users.
and the “Responsible Computing at U.Va.” Web site
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