Managing Public Computing · 21
2 Two “other staff” not directly responsible for public machines.
3 A variable number of students and/or civil service support staff in a variable number of units perform some types of
public computing support to varying degrees. An average number over a year’s time would be around 3 FTE but could
range from 0 to 6. The number of student employees in the IT unit also varies over the year from 2-8 individuals.
4 (none specified)
5 Support staff in UNIVERSITY IT unit =4. Students employees in UNIVERSITY IT unit =1. We have 2 labs that are
jointly sponsored and staffed by the library and the University IT unit.
6 The University’s central computing division, Academic Information and Communication Technology (AICT), operates
a number of computer labs within various campus libraries and has responsibility for about 200 workstations in the
Knowledge Common, which is also in a library building. The library’s public computers at the one rural campus of the
University are managed by the rural campus’s central IT staff. Library staff are responsible for the remaining 300+
public workstations in eight libraries on or near the main campus. All printing from public workstations, whether in
AICT labs or elsewhere in the libraries, is managed by yet another campus unit, the “ONEcard” office.
7 University Publications Services and University Health Sciences Library (part of the Libraries).
10 I’m counting an unspecified number of staff at the campus IT level who provide networking and server support that,
in turn, supports both staff and public computing.
3. If staff in a unit(s) other than IT provides public computing support, please identify that unit(s).
Librarians Support
Academic Computing and Communication Center.
1 2 2 Academic Computing Service (non-library). Staff in our individual libraries.
Campus Computing (ITaP) and School of Management Computing.
2 2 Catalyst Client Services (a division of University Computing &
Communications that manages general access student labs and most
of the Libraries public workstations). Printing is managed by University
Publications Services 2 staff, 2 students. These staff also provide
support for student printing in non-library spaces. Health Sciences Library
is part of the University Libraries but manages its own public computing
and printing 1 staff, 2 students.
1 Circulation.
18 23 2 Circulation, Reference, Periodicals, Brady Art Gallery, Global Resources
Center, Special Collections, VA Campus &Eckles Libraries.
3 Copy Services, Reference.
7 1 Digital Library Technology.
3 Electronic resources librarians in public services units.
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