44 · SPEC Kit 302
About once every two or three days 11 18%
About once a week 5 8%
Less often then once a week 3 5%
Other 3 5%
Please describe the other frequency.
“Libraries ITS has few problems, about once a week Catalyst responds to problems between 2 to 5 times a
“Most problems are addressed by the Computing Center.”
“With over 400 computers, we are constantly working on making them better.”
Public Computer Use Policy
24. Has your library developed a policy document aimed at users of public computers or does it
follow an institution-wide computer use policy? N=61
Library follows an institution-wide computer use policy 29 48%
Library has developed its own public computer use document
in accordance with an institution-wide computer use policy 23 38%
Library has developed its own public computer use document 9 15%
25. Who has primary responsibility for developing this policy? N=60
“A committee representing multiple library units was charges by the Library Director to develop this policy.”
“Academic Information and Communication Technologies, Office of Information Systems Security.”
“Assistant Dean, Learning Commons.”
“Associate Director for User Services, Associate Director for Digital Initiatives.”
“Associate University Librarian for Public Services and Collections.”
“Associate University Librarian, Information Technology and Systems, in consultation with Library Leadership
Team, and with final approval by the University Librarian.”
“Campus administrators, reviewed by Legal Council.”
“Campus computing in consultation with representative management groups.”
“Campus ITS.”
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