54 · SPEC Kit 303
Selected Comments from Respondents
“A library-wide assessment plan will be developed in the 2007–2008 fiscal year.”
“An assessment plan/program is in preparation.”
“As well, assessment is integral to, and included in all work described in the Libraries Workload Committee
Report for Librarians/Archivists for the academic year 2007–2008 in the priority areas of Teaching and
Learning, Research and Scholarship, Collaboration and Liaison, Collections, and Access.”
“Balanced Scorecard metrics serve, in part, as our assessment plan.”
“Development of an assessment plan may emerge from strategic plan.”
“Just developing a plan for assessment.”
“Many departments include assessment in their individual strategic plans.”
“Responsibility for assessment activities was only formally assigned in the past two months, but creating a
library-wide assessment plan is a top priority for the library in the coming year.”
“The Assessment Librarian position has been in existence for approximately 3 months, however an assessment
plan for the library system is under development, in addition to the assessment staff resource Web site. The
developing assessment plan is a proposal for adoption by the library system.”
“The Information Access and Delivery services department is currently working on an assessment project to
inventory what we collect and assess if we are collecting the right data and determining what we not longer
need to collect. The group charter also includes determining the 10 highest priority measures.”
“The libraries-wide assessment plan occurs in the form of the annual report of the Office of Assessment &
“The library system is currently in the process of further defining and articulating its assessment efforts and
plans. Work is in the early stages, and ongoing among a number of individuals and groups.”
“The plan could be more ‘formal.’”
“The writing of a library-wide assessment plan is a priority for the Assessment Officer.”
“This is an area that we are currently developing in a committed way.”
“We are developing a library-wide assessment plan at this time.”
“We are working on an assessment plan tied to our strategic plan.”
“While we have indicated a strong desire for evidence-based decision making, we are still in the process
of putting in place the necessary components. We had initiated the LSAC to begin work when it suspended
activity while we completed our strategic planning work when our new Dean arrived. We now have key
success measures to develop and then we will determine the best way to move forward with LSAC, a
different committee structure and mandate, etc.”
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