36 · SPEC Kit 303
16. If your library has either a staff-only or publicly accessible library assessment Web site, please
indicate which kind of information is published there. Check all that apply. N=58
N Staff-only
Web site
Publicly accessible
Web site
General library statistics 54 40 31
Analysis of assessment activity results 49 36 27
Presentations 40 30 18
Assessment data 39 32 16
Publications 34 20 25
Online assessment tools (e.g., surveys) 31 26 12
Links to other library assessment sites or information 30 22 13
Other 5 4 2
Please specify other information that is published on the staff-only Web site.
“A bibliography of assessment resources, and a white paper on the library as place.”
“Assessment group meeting notes and agendas Working documents.”
“Individual comments from USER surveys are on staff-only Web site. Comments gathered from our online
comments link as well as comments gathered from our comments boxes are on staff-only Web site.”
“LibQUAL+™ results.”
“Links to internal department stats and assessment committee membership and contact info.”
“List of user focused assessment projects in progress and completed list of staff focused assessment projects
in progress and completed Assessment Committee Plan (aligned with the libraries’ strategic plan) notes of
Assessment Committee meetings.”
“Minutes of Assessment team meetings, form and procedures for staff to submit ideas for assessment
“Minutes of meetings, annual reports, assessment inventory.”
“Reports conducted by external evaluators guidelines for statistics collection.”
“The library assessment plan.”
“The staff-only Web site is currently under construction but the intended content, initially, will centrally
communicate: the status of assessment initiatives, calendar planned projects, report outcomes, identify
working groups/committees, identify administrative priorities, and include reading resources organized by
functional areas.”
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