48 · SPEC Kit 303
“The library’s Web site modifications and improvements have been informed by LibQUAL+™, an outside
consultant, and in-house usability testing that we’ve done over the last two years.”
“The library periodically (most recent are 2000, 2004, 2006) does a Serials Review using a variety of factors
including price, inflation rates, local use, availability at other local libraries or electronically through consortia
agreements, ISI Impact Factors and ranking in relevant disciplines. Faculty input is an important facet of this
process. This assessment is done in order to provide the best collections and resources to meet the needs our
Respondent 58
“The library introduced staff recognition programs to address workplace concerns identified in the Library
Employee Opinion Survey.”
“The library’s Web page was refined/improved based on input from usability studies and focus groups.”
“The library’s ILL service was modified to remove barriers to access based on user survey.”
Respondent 59
“The redesign of the libraries’ Web site and the improvement of the OPAC.”
“The closing and remodeling of branch libraries.”
“The expansion of libraries hours.”
Respondent 60
“Updated and improved library services.”
“Increase staff training.”
Respondent 61
“Upgrading of photocopy and printing facilities.”
“Increased funding for technology upgrades.”
“Increase funding for collections, both print and electronic.”
Respondent 62
“We increased hours for the main library from midnight to 2 am during academic terms.”
“We created an electronic-preferred journal policy.”
“We have reorganized some library departments as a result of assessment efforts.”
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