Library Assessment · 51
If you selected “Other” above, please specify which other assessment-related professional
development event(s) assessment staff have attended. N=14
“ALA LRRT programs at ALA (depending on topic).”
“ALA/ORS sessions. LITA Preconference (and sessions? -usability). NFAIS (online usage statistics).”
“ARL online course, OLA 3-day special course.”
“CARL meeting/workshop 2006.”
“Creating an Environment of Continuous Assessment: Practical Approaches for Academic Libraries (OCLC
Western Workshop).”
“I would also recommend ARL Assessment ‘Boot camp,’ New Orleans 2007. Re: Negative response for
LibQUAL+™ Training Sessions: I attended one not sponsored by ARL, I believe it was NYLINK, and it was not
helpful unless you’ve really not had any experience or knowledge of LibQUAL+™. The presenters did not seem
to have mastered the subject matter.”
“In the Canadian/Ontario context: sessions at Ontario Library Association Super Conference and the Canadian
Library Association Conference. Education Institute (OLA): audio conference sessions on research policies,
issues, and methodologies. Also, ARL’s online course: Measuring Library Service Quality with Danuta Nitecki
and Toni Olshen.”
“LibQUAL+™ Canada 2007 Workshop.”
“Living the Future conferences (University of Arizona &ARL).”
“Meetings of local institutions conducting assessment undertaken as a follow-up to ARL Assessment
“Non-library national/regional assessment conferences and workshops.”
“Sessions presented as part of the annual Ontario Library Association conference.”
“State-wide assessment workshop for academic librarians.”
“Web-based seminars and conferences.”
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