20 · SPEC Kit 303
“1998-focus groups with staff 1999-survey of graduate students 1999-survey of faculty.”
“In-house developed user survey.”
“Large-scale user survey.”
“Locally developed comprehensive user survey.”
“Not sure, but suspect some form of assessment was undertaken at various times in our history. I am
personally aware of having observation, survey, focus group and individual interviewing, and process mapping
used as early as 1997.”
“SERVQUAL survey of satisfaction of users of undergraduate library.”
“Study of print journal ‘cost per use.’ The library needed to reduce its expenditures on journal subscriptions.”
“Survey.” (2 responses)
“Survey of users perceptions on service delivery, facilities, service needs.”
“There is an indication that a ‘Campus Library Assessment’ was conducted in 1972, however this cannot be
substantiated at this time. In 1995 a comprehensive survey was conducted by the library system.”
“User Needs Assessment.”
“User satisfaction survey.”
“User satisfaction survey in collaboration with regional universities.”
“User survey.”
“We have always done some assessment: 1 of 6 very least, the 7-yearly program review includes self-study
and surveys.”
“Benchmarking for strategic planning.”
“Exit survey.”
“Focus group.”
“Formal Library Assessment Plan.”
“LibQUAL+®” (7 responses)l
“LibQUAL+® and Process Improvement Studies.”
“Web site design survey.”
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