50 · SPEC Kit 303
Report writing 3 13%
Other (please specify) 7 29%
“COGNOS PowerPlay and Impromptu, which are part of the COGNOS business intelligence software suite.”
“Data collection, data entry, qualitative software usage (once).”
“Focus group techniques.”
“Focus groups, qualitative software training (NVIVO), Excel.”
“Human subjects regulations.”
“University’s Planning &Institutional Research department provides consultation/advice services. Other
training programs are in preparation, e.g., using the LibQUAL+™ survey process as a case study in developing
broader expertise.”
“We are just beginning to provide training to the Assessment team.”
20. For each of the following assessment-related professional development events that assessment
staff have attended, please indicate whether they would or would not recommend the event
to others as a good way to learn and network about assessment. Check “Have Not Attended” if
no assessment staff have participated in an event. Check one category in each row. N=67
N Would
Would Not
Have Not
Library Assessment Conference (e.g.,
Charlottesville 2006)
66 39 27
LibQUAL+® training sessions 66 54 1 11
Northumbria International Conferences on
Performance Measurement in Libraries
65 10 1 54
Evidenced-Based Library and Information
Practice Conference
64 9 2 53
ARL assessment-related meetings 64 56 8
ALA/LAMA sessions/discussion groups on
61 34 1 26
ALA/ACRL sessions/discussion groups on
61 37 3 21
Other 22 14 8
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