Library Assessment · 49
Respondent 63
“Web pages have been adjusted based on testing and feedback from students, faculty, and staff.”
“Access policies have been changed based on feedback from patrons.”
“Reserves policies and structure have been changed because of faculty needs and changes in technology.”
Respondent 64
“Worked with consultants to redesign signage in response to data from a wayfinding study showing that
previous finding aids were ineffective.”
“Redesigned library carrels and chose new seating based on user surveys responding to model designs and on
focus groups on user preferences for study areas.”
“Redesigned library home pages based on user surveys/interviews, Web logs showing heavily used resources,
and user feedback on prototypes.”
Professional Development
18. Does your library provide assessment training for library staff? N=68
Yes, training is provided by the library 19 28%
Yes, support is given for training provided by our parent institution 22 32%
Yes, support is given for training provided outside of our institution 42 62%
No, there is no particular training provided 20 29%
19. If training is provided by the library, what kinds of topics are covered? Check all that apply.
Assessment methods 14 58%
Basic statistics 11 46%
Survey construction 11 46%
Value of assessment 10 42%
Data analysis 9 38%
Data presentation 7 29%
Sampling techniques 6 25%
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