40 · SPEC Kit 303
“Assessment of budgeting process has led to a built-in replacement cycle for the library’s computer
“Evaluation of software used for instant messaging in virtual reference led to a change from one system to
another, more popular and commonly used program. This has led to a real increase in the usage of our chat
reference service.“
Respondent 15
“Changed library hours based on gate counts and student feedback.”
“Increasing expenditures for electronic resources based on LibQUAL+™ findings.”
“Redesigning the library Web site based on LibQUAL+™ comments.”
Respondent 16
“Coffee shop created in 24-hour study lounge.”
“Increases in fundraising and number of donors and heightened campus awareness of library.”
“Increased attention to service quality.”
Respondent 17
“Collapsed six service points on entry-level floor of main library to two based on input gathered from
assessment activities, asking to simplify user experience.”
“Added cafe to entry level of main library based on user input gathered from assessment activities.”
“Placed group study rooms on online reservation system based on user input from assessment activities.”
Respondent 18
“Currently redesigning public Web pages based on user survey feedback.”
“Currently investigating improvements to OPAC based on user survey feedback.”
“Currently providing free document delivery based on a combination of user feedback, and results from a
survey of peer institutions.”
Respondent 19
“Customer Service Academies were held for both professional and paraprofessional staff. A regular program of
customer service training was also established for the student assistants working in the library.”
“Our Interlibrary Loan Department was reorganized to improve customer service. A program to Buy-not-
Borrow certain returnable (i.e., book) requests was established to provide such materials more rapidly.”
“The University Libraries’ Web site was completely redesigned to allow greater ease of use and accessibility.”
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