46 · SPEC Kit 303
Respondent 45
“Move to electronic only format for most scholarly journals.”
“Creation of regional library service.”
“Develop prototype data curation systems that support needs across a range of disciplines: Virtual
Observatory Roman de la Rose and Dry Valleys in Antarctica.”
Respondent 46
Respondent 47
“Number of user stations increased due to accreditation recommendation and later assessment.”
“1995 user survey influenced design/equipment in building expansion project.”
“Collection decisions are made based on usability in many cases.”
Respondent 48
“Re/allocation of resources (including changes to staffing numbers and patterns).”
“User-oriented redesign of library Web site.”
“Increase in outreach efforts by librarians.”
Respondent 49
“Replaced online catalog system with a new one.”
“Started online reference services.”
“Initiated self-service checkout and other self-service activities improved photocopying by buying new
equipment and making it easier to debit charges for copies.
Respondent 50
“Revised building hours.”
Respondent 51
“Revision of library’s public Web site.”
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