44 · SPEC Kit 303
Respondent 34
“Implementation of Customer Service program for Information Access staff.”
“Shifting staff resources.”
“Increase funding for Interlibrary Loan borrowing.”
Respondent 35
“Improved service to users by increasing maintenance of equipment such as photocopy machines and
increasing availability of public computers.”
“Improved service to users by offering access to computer software such as Microsoft Office on public
“Improved service to users by providing MyLibrary portal, RSS feeds, and integrating resources with campus
Respondent 36
“Improved signage to help students better navigate through the Main Library.”
“Extended library hours and additional staff.”
“Completely revamped library Web site to make navigation easier, resources more transparent, and
functionality more intuitive.”
Respondent 37
“Improved turnaround time for acquiring new books requested by users.”
“Redefined collection development (disbanded department, reduced foreign language acquisitions, added
copies of high use items, funded transition from print to e-journals, etc).”
“Improved speed and accuracy of shelving.”
Respondent 38
“Improved procedures and processes for requesting and delivering print materials from storage facility.”
“Revisions/improvements to libraries catalog and Web site.”
“Program improvements to Libraries Open House based on participant feedback in exit survey.”
Respondent 39
“In spring 2007 the library implemented longer hours as a result of information collected in a LibQUAL+™
survey earlier in the academic year.”
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