Library Assessment · 19
“Survey on material and stack location.”
“We have been collecting statistics and doing assessment since the library opened.”
“A satisfaction survey was distributed in paper form to library visitors, mostly students.”
“ARL/OMS study.”
“At least since 1980, there have been regular calculations of indirect costs of library activities as an associated
cost of research. These studies were meant to facilitate university grants requests.”
“Cost studies.”
“Organizational Assessment.”
“Participation in university-wide student satisfaction survey including satisfaction with library.”
“Self-study for accreditation. This is the earliest study I can find, but there may be something even earlier.”
“Survey of user attitudes: pre- and post opening of a new library facility.”
“Work analysis by random sampling.”
“Facility use survey in preparation for construction of addition to main research library building.”
“Undergraduate Services Task Force Report entitled ‘Preparing Undergraduate Students for the Information
“Exit surveys of library users.”
“Locally designed user satisfaction survey.”
“Locally devised user survey.”
“Organizational climate and organizational structure assessment.”
“Survey and focus group.”
“Survey of university faculty for: user satisfaction, spending priorities, behavior (frequency of use, etc.)”
“System-wide user surveys.”
“User exit survey (behavior, satisfaction, etc.)”
“User satisfaction survey.”
“User survey.”
“Various customer surveys, comparative peer assessments based on ARL data, various and recurring cost
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