38 · SPEC Kit 303
Respondent 4
“Acquired and made available federated searching for subscribed databases.”
“Cancelled low and retained high use databases and journal packages.”
“Revamped brochures and established a marketing team.”
Respondent 5
“Additional custodial staff assigned to Western Libraries.”
“Major renovations funded by the University to increase user-designated space to accommodate increased
undergraduate enrollment.”
“Purchases made in response to requests.”
Respondent 6
“Addressed problems with ILL fill rates and turn around times.”
“Improved design and ease of use of library Web site.”
“Improved design and ease of use of library online catalog.”
Respondent 7
“Adopted measurable methods to assess student learning.”
“Library became involved in planning and implementing the Freshmen Experience with extensive information
“Quality of service survey informed management of service points in need of improvement.”
Respondent 8
“Advocacy for renovating outdated library spaces using the results of the LibQUAL+™ survey. Library users
gave it a very high priority, and made many negative comments about existing facilities.”
“Journal cancellations and additions resulting from a faculty survey.”
‘Redesigned library Web site and new library catalog incorporated usability testing results and user feedback.
Also included a change to a new chat reference product.”
Respondent 9
“Assessment of faculty and student needs related to use of the multimedia resources and facilities included
surveys, focus groups and interviews, and resulted in the planning and implementation of a very successful
15,000 square foot Student Multimedia Design Center in 2007 which has been widely praised by faculty and
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