34 · SPEC Kit 303
implements usability testing for the library Web site, online catalog, etc.”
“Combination of: newly formed User Feedback Committee (est. 2007) individual with responsibility for
managing and reporting ARL, institutional, and other library-wide data and ad hoc activity by individuals,
groups, and units, as appropriate.”
“Information Access and Delivery Service Department is responsible for collection of data within the
department the organization and presentation of the data.”
“Leadership of library-wide assessment activities is at the administrative level Director/Assistant Director.
Leadership of library instruction related assessment is at the department level. Leadership of Web site
assessment is as the Assistant Director level. Leadership related to multimedia needs was assessed by the
Assistant Director for Library Public Services.”
“Oversight for assessment is the responsibility of the associate dean for planning and administration. Under
consideration is a half-time position of evaluation and assessment librarian, reporting to this associate dean.”
“Participated in LibQUAL+™ Survey January 2007 for the first time. Other: ad hoc, periodic reviews for
specific purposes. Assessment Librarian position is currently at job description stage. ARL and other statistics:
coordinated by Statistics Coordinator (now Assessment Librarian). Teams (subcommittees) are being formed to
assist Assessment Librarian with various tasks.”
“Program managers (aka department heads) are expected to have assessment skills &experience to evaluate
the success of their services, operations and projects.”
“Statistical compilations coordinated by Administrative Office. Focus groups, usability studies surveys designed
and implemented by the specific public service group responsible.”
“The Assistant to the Dean of Libraries handles assessment, particularly LibQUAL+™ on a part-time basis.
A reference librarian does a considerable amount of LibQUAL+™ data analysis and benchmarking. The
Associate Director and other library staff have done numerous focus groups over the years, particularly as they
relate to facilities and library as place.”
“There is a Usability Librarian, others in collections and public services as well as department libraries who
conduct assessments, also consultants brought in to conduct university and library surveys [especially in HR
“Two part time assessment librarians reporting to the director. (We also have an assessment committee.)”
“Various committees (and ad hoc task groups) and various library departments determine and carry out own
assessment activities. Some assessment activities are library wide and coordinated by admin of library.”
“Very minor other than LibQUAL+™.”
“We are just establishing central roles for assessment. Individual departments have done various assessments.
Statistics reporting is being centralized in the Administrative Office.”
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