42 · SPEC Kit 303
Respondent 24
“Established an Information Commons for collaborative learning, which success has resulted in expanding the
commons to satellite locations throughout the library.”
“From the results of a collaborative study on library usage, casual study areas were enhanced, the number of
public workstations were doubled, and application software was installed to match the suite used in general-
purpose university computer labs.”
“Web usability studies have resulted in a simplified Web site design to reflect patron usage patterns, improved
access to databases and other electronic resources, and the creation of a usability center to coordinate and
conduct usability studies for the library and university.”
Respondent 25
“Extended hours (user survey).”
“Adjusted workday reference desk hours (monitored statistics for a period).”
“Installation of a RFID security system (feedback from every assessment activity ever conducted, regardless of
the topic).”
Respondent 26
“Extended library hours and new faculty communications vehicles as a result of LibQUAL+™ survey results.”
Respondent 27
“Extended opening hours during exam periods.”
“Participated in consortium virtual reference program. This evolved from an in-house service.”
“Expansion of outreach activities: e.g., instruction program for faculty/students in academic departments’
facilities other liaison activities.”
Respondent 28
“Extended service hours and expanded customer service training to better meet user needs.”
“Increases in productivity and in cost savings.”
“Improved design and content of Web site.”
Respondent 29
“Facilities Renovation Plan.”
“Public Services Competencies Development &Training.”
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