24 · SPEC Kit 303
Please specify other assessment method(s) that was used.
“Administrative Unit Review.”
“ARL ILL cost/performance for all years.”
“Assorted consultant review and reports based on data, interviews, work flow analysis, review etc.”
“Branch Libraries: Visits to other libraries to develop benchmarks. Web site: Card sorting tests on technology
and organizations. Staff Training Development: Informal conversations with individual staff. Financial/Business
Services: Various operational aspects of library business office are periodically assessed by university business
services unit.”
“Card Sorts, SWOT analysis.”
“Collections: WorldCat Collection Analysis. IT Systems: informal feedback and in-house assessments.
Cataloging: process improvement. ILL: unit costs.”
“For Preservation and Special Collections: assessment of the collections. For many services, we use informal
feedback and our suggestion box.”
“Gap surveys.”
“Informal evaluation of workflow and procedures.”
“In-house reviews: data/cost data.”
“Observational study of facilities and laptop use external consultants.”
“Process improvement studies.”
“Process improvement/CQI (for all six departments/units for which OTHER was checked).”
“The ‘qualitative methods’ used includes significant individual interactions with students and faculty to
ascertain the value of the service and any suggested improvements to services, systems and collections.”
“We are at an early stage of using ‘student learning outcomes evaluations’ to measure the impact of our user
instruction. We made use of the simulation software package, Arena, to analyze reference services in several of
our buildings.”
“We have also done benchmarking studies of our shelving process (1999) and of our training program
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