Library Assessment · 37
Please specify other information that is published on the publicly accessible Web site.
“Annual Report (ARL rankings) Strategic Planning Metrics.”
“Assessment committee membership and contact info.”
“LibQUAL+™ results. Lists of specific actions taken in response to user suggestions and assessment data.“
“Meeting Minutes, Committee Annual Reports.”
“Terms of reference, membership, minutes, suggested readings, project form.”
“The library assessment plan.”
Assessment Outcomes
17. Please describe up to three demonstrable outcomes that have been made to your library’s
programs, policies, or services based on information collected via assessment activities. N=64
Respondent 1
“2006 LibQUAL+™ data motivated OSUL to become a development partner with OCLC for WorldCatLocal as
a potential replacement for local OPAC.”
“2006 LibQUAL+™ data motivated the change from title to keyword as default OPAC search.”
Respondent 2
“A library expansion project was moved up on the campus master plan due to recent facilities’ studies which
have shown that our main library and our remote storage facility are at 95% capacity and that we will be
completely out of shelf space for library collections in 2009.”
“Improved delivery of Instant Messaging service to library patrons based on surveys of staff providing the
“Increased hours of operation during winter intersession with minor budget implications. The need was
conveyed from students in focus groups.”
Respondent 3
“A strong user-centered focus in all our initiatives and services.”
“Changing of hours in response to LibQUAL+™ data had immediate results in terms of satisfaction of users.”
“Aggressive e-resources collection development.”
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