Library Assessment · 39
students for its design and functionality and resulting in a heavily used facility.”
“Assessment of the library Web site is currently underway and has involved surveys, focus groups, web usability
studies and interviews, and the results so far have resulted in many new ideas for the revised Web site to be
developed in 2007/2008.”
Respondent 10
“Attempts to ‘calm’ the physical environment of the library in terms of noise/food/inappropriate behavior.”
“Experimentation, as funding became available, with 24/5 hours for the main research library.”
Respondent 11
“Based on LibQUAL+™ results we decided to stay open 24/7 during dead week and finals week.”
“Based on benchmarking selected ARL statistics data against comparator institutions we received a budget
increase from the University Administration.”
“Our Organizational Climate survey produced a staff development needs assessment weekly reports from the
library administration published in the staff bulletin department heads attending a ‘Strategies for Change’
workshop and a re-structuring of the student employment budget.”
Respondent 12
“Based on user satisfaction survey responses a program for customer service training was implemented for
training library staff and student employees.”
“Based on responses to an organizational culture survey, the internal staff Web site is being moved to a
content management site and is going through a complete overhaul with new rules and guidelines for
department/unit sites.”
“For years our user community has been asking for the ability to use institutional ID cards that link to money
accounts to pay for copies and printing. We worked with the copy &print vendors to come up with software to
make it possible and will be implementing this change this summer.”
Respondent 13
“Better Web site design.”
“Identification of strategic initiatives within current strategic plan.”
“Improvement to photocopy services.”
Respondent 14
“Changed approval plan vendor based on evaluation of profile, return rates, and focus groups with selectors.
Improved efficiency of approval plan process to allow for purchase of shelf-ready materials.”
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