Library Assessment · 21
“We have been conducting various assessment activities including unit cost studies, usability studies, focus
groups, etc. for many years. We instituted a formal assessment program in 2005 with the first activity being a
user satisfaction survey for our Law Library.”
4. What was the impetus for beginning these assessment activities at your institution? Check all
that apply. N=69
Desire to know more about your customers 63 91%
Investigation of possible new library services or resources 49 71%
Desire to know more about your processes 45 65%
Desire to identify library performance objectives 43 62%
Need to reallocate library resources 38 55%
Accountability requirements from your parent institution 26 38%
Institutional or programmatic accreditation process 20 29%
Proposal from staff member with assessment knowledge 12 17%
Other (please specify) 16 23%
“Comparisons with other institutions, decision-making, resource allocation, strategic planning.”
“Desire to facilitate university research activities.”
“Desire to focus our attention for making improvements, desire to give authority to our observations when
making plans.”
“Desire to inform users of services and resources, encourage user input concerning library issues, and
document the needs of the library system.”
“External review.”
“Formative &Summative Evaluation of Educational Resource Development Projects.”
“Identifying client focused priorities for service quality and process improvement.”
“Initiative from Director of Libraries.”
“Need for expenditure reduction.”
“Preparation for move to new building.”
“Strategic planning.”
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