Library Assessment · 45
“Two departmental libraries were closed based on information from surveys and statistics gathering.”
“Based on feedback from library users, the library decided to open its electronic classroom as a computer lab
when classes were not scheduled.”
Respondent 40
“Increase in library open hours.”
“Revision of the OPAC user interface.”
“Additional training opportunities for library faculty and staff.”
Respondent 41
“Intensive customer service training as a result of LibQUAL+™ Affect of Service results and improvement in
scores on next survey.”
“Process improvement in circulation and shelving based on survey results changes procedures for checking in
“Purchased library materials in specific subject areas based on results of interviews with faculty and focus
group discussions with graduate students.”
Respondent 42
“Justified improving endowed librarian salaries.”
“Extended library service hours.”
“Constructed additional storage units to shift a larger percentage of collections off campus (while increasing
document delivery services).”
Respondent 43
“Leadership changes based on results of staff surveys.”
“Collection activities based on results of faculty surveys.”
Respondent 44
“Major e-Library redesign project (i.e., library Web site).”
“Increased emphasis, in the library’s instructional programs, on evaluating information resources, and
distinguishing between trustworthy and untrustworthy information.”
“Very specific improvements to physical facilities (e.g., improved lighting in stairwells, etc.)”
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