28 · SPEC Kit 303
Full-time Assessment Coordinator
“At the university, Libraries and Informational Technology are integrated. This position reports directly to the
Vice Provost for Information Services and is also responsible for coordinating the same assessment activities in
IT. The position collaborates with the university’s Office of Institutional Research and Planning.”
“Auditing, Student Life, University Communications, Southern University Libraries.”
“Institutional Planning and Assessment, Center for Teaching and Learning.”
“Office of Institutional Research.”
“Office of Institutional Research &Assessment.”
“The Assessment Officer is a member of the University Assessment Committee.”
“University office of Institutional Research, Office of Assessment.”
Assessment Department/Unit
“Center for Teaching Advancement and Assessment Research, Assessment Council Office of Institutional
Research and Academic Planning, Various assessment committees working on self-study for 2008 re-
“Computing and Communications Services as well as the university’s ‘analysis and planning’ unit.”
“Office of Educational Assessment Office of Learning Technologies.”
“Office of Institutional Planning and Analysis, individual faculty.”
“RAU will also collaborate with our office of institutional research, IRB, Survey Research Institute and other
appropriate units.”
“University Assessment and Testing.”
“University Institutional Assessment and Studies.”
Ad hoc Assessment Committee/Team
“Office of Institutional Research.”
“Planning &Institutional Research.”
“University Committee on Assessment &Institutional Improvement. The Library Director chairs the Sub-
Committee on ‘University Community Experience.’”
Part-time Assessment Coordinator
9. Please provide the following information about the part-time assessment coordinator: position
title, year position took on assessment responsibility, by how many reporting levels the part-
time assessment coordinator is removed from the library director (e.g., Director Dept Head
Assessment Coordinator =2). N=13
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