Library Assessment · 27
8. Does this position or group collaborate on assessment activities with other non-library
departments, agencies, or units within the institution? N=49
N #%
Part-time Assessment Coordinator 13 9 69%
Standing Assessment Committee/Team 12 5 42%
Full-time Assessment Coordinator 11 8 73%
Assessment Department/Unit 9 8 89%
Ad hoc Assessment Committee/Team 4 3 75%
If yes, please list the department(s), agency, or unit(s). N=49
Part-time Assessment Coordinator
“Budget Office, Government Affairs, Foundation and Government Grants.”
“Have had the opportunity to work with one academic department on a survey this year. (School of
International and Public Affairs.)”
“Human Resources, Office of Affirmative Action and Diversity Programs, Council on the Status of Women.”
“Institutional Planning and Budgeting share relevant assessment analyses Libraries provide library-related
information to IPB for university-wide surveys Libraries coordinate running of LibQUAL+™ not to conflict with
a graduate student survey run by IPB in same term.”
“Provost’s office often requests data for higher ed surveys.”
“Research, Planning and Institutional Effectiveness.”
“University administration provides statistical reports and participates in accreditation data-gathering.”
“University Administration, especially for accreditation academic departments, especially those undergoing
certification and accreditation.”
“University Planning and Analysis.”
Standing Assessment Committee/Team
“Academic Affairs, Advancement, Institutional Research, Washington Research Library Consortium.”
“Office of Information Technology. Educational Testing Center, Statistical Consulting Service, Registrar’s Office.”
“Office of Institutional Research.”
“Primarily data exchange with the Office of Institutional Research.”
“Statistical analysis.”
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