Library Assessment · 33
Ad hoc Assessment Committee/Team
13. Please provide the following information about the ad hoc assessment committee/team:
Name of ad hoc committee/team, position title of ad hoc committee/team leader, year ad hoc
committee/team was created, number of ad hoc committee/team members. N=4
Name of Committee/Team Committee/Team Leader Created Members
Assessment Team Director 2002 3
Assessment Committee Engineering Reference Librarians 2004 6
LibQUAL+™ User Assessment Group Department Leader, Administrative Services 2006 6
Assessment Committee Director, Access, Information & Research Services 2007 8
Other Assessment Activities Organization
14. Please briefly describe the organization of assessment activities in your library. N=21
“All ad hoc and as needed.”
“Assessment activities have been initiated, conducted, and coordinated at the unit or department level, or by a
committee charged for a specific project.”
“Assessment efforts have been coordinated through a combination of participants: Library Administration, an
Assessment Committee, and a part-time Statistical Data and Assessment Specialist.”
“Assessment in the University Libraries is currently distributed among a number of individuals, departments,
committees, and task forces. Assessment activities are currently being examined and/or conducted by the:
Statistics, Metrics, and Survey Development Committee and subcommittees; the Public Services Committees
and associated task forces; and the Collections Committee and associated task forces. The groups
communicate with each other regularly.”
“Assessment is generally done at the unit/function level. For large-scale assessment efforts such as
LibQUAL+™, an ad hoc committee has been appointed.”
“Assessment is generally undertaken by a unit within the library, such as the Web Services Group, and has a
particular focus. At times, an ad hoc committee is formed for an overarching assessment project.”
“Assessment occurs largely in a decentralized way. Individual libraries or organizational units initiate activities.
Several system-wide activities have been done—two rounds of LibQUAL+™, a time/cost study, Web usability.
These have been overseen by individual ad hoc committees created for that purpose.”
“Associate Dean for Research & Access oversees the Biennial LibQUAL+™ Survey and any other surveys
conducted. A Usability Studies Task Force, reporting to the e-Library Oversight Committee, plans and
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