Library Assessment · 33
Ad hoc Assessment Committee/Team
13. Please provide the following information about the ad hoc assessment committee/team:
Name of ad hoc committee/team, position title of ad hoc committee/team leader, year ad hoc
committee/team was created, number of ad hoc committee/team members. N=4
Name of Committee/Team Committee/Team Leader Created Members
Assessment Team Director 2002 3
Assessment Committee Engineering Reference Librarians 2004 6
LibQUAL+™ User Assessment Group Department Leader, Administrative Services 2006 6
Assessment Committee Director, Access, Information &Research Services 2007 8
Other Assessment Activities Organization
14. Please briefly describe the organization of assessment activities in your library. N=21
“All ad hoc and as needed.”
“Assessment activities have been initiated, conducted, and coordinated at the unit or department level, or by a
committee charged for a specific project.”
“Assessment efforts have been coordinated through a combination of participants: Library Administration, an
Assessment Committee, and a part-time Statistical Data and Assessment Specialist.”
“Assessment in the University Libraries is currently distributed among a number of individuals, departments,
committees, and task forces. Assessment activities are currently being examined and/or conducted by the:
Statistics, Metrics, and Survey Development Committee and subcommittees the Public Services Committees
and associated task forces and the Collections Committee and associated task forces. The groups
communicate with each other regularly.”
“Assessment is generally done at the unit/function level. For large-scale assessment efforts such as
LibQUAL+™, an ad hoc committee has been appointed.”
“Assessment is generally undertaken by a unit within the library, such as the Web Services Group, and has a
particular focus. At times, an ad hoc committee is formed for an overarching assessment project.”
“Assessment occurs largely in a decentralized way. Individual libraries or organizational units initiate activities.
Several system-wide activities have been done—two rounds of LibQUAL+™, a time/cost study, Web usability.
These have been overseen by individual ad hoc committees created for that purpose.”
“Associate Dean for Research &Access oversees the Biennial LibQUAL+™ Survey and any other surveys
conducted. A Usability Studies Task Force, reporting to the e-Library Oversight Committee, plans and
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