Library Assessment · 35
Assessment Results distribution
15. What methods are used to distribute data/analysis/results of library assessment activities? Check
all that apply. N=69
N To Library
To Parent
To General
Not Used
Presentations 66 58 32 11 2
Print reports (e.g., annual report) 65 49 39 18 8
Web site 65 56 40 39 5
E-mail announcements 64 58 16 4 6
Library newsletter articles 62 45 35 27 11
Campus newsletter articles 59 16 31 14 24
Other 12 4 8
Please specify other distribution method(s).
“Attend departmental meetings to report on assessment results.”
“In the recent past formal reports on assessment have not been developed exclusively for the ‘parent
organization,’ staff, users or public, but rather recently have been included in internal administrative reports.
LibQUAL results have been provided to staff via presentations and brief articles describing outcomes have
been reported in campus newspaper/e-news outlets. Currently an assessment and evaluation Web site is under
development for internal resource purposes.”
“Our basic statistical data is accessible through our library Web site.”
“Presentations at professional library meetings.”
“Staff intranet site.”
“The Libraries use a central announcements blog which is available as an RSS feed to any subscribers.
Library liaisons to academic departments also share selected assessment information with their assigned
“To the profession through presentations and publications.”
“WIKI. Annual budget submission includes annual assessment highlights.”
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